Our experience with the Seth Jenson team was great! I would categorize us as a long-term prospective clients. Seth has been great to work with for over three years now in trying to time the market right to sell our rental property.
Specifically though, I’d like to highlight the level of communication that we experienced from Seth and his team. We, like many, are a busy family, and Seth and his team made themselves available to provide us with updates via email, text, webcam and phone calls for more pressing matters. In fact, our 6yr old made a comment recently and said “you are always talking to this Seth guy; who is he”. The communication goes a long way with us. Seth’s team also excels at communicating, even with things like the real-time calendar for us to keep track of dates and tasks, that really helps. Every little step or task was explained in detail so by the time we needed to sign documents, we could sign knowing what it was we were agreeing to.