Seth is a great real estate agent. Several months ago, we were considering purchasing a nicer home. We talked with Seth and explained that we wanted to explore the current market, but there was only about a 50% chance that we would be making a home purchase. This meant the time he spent working with us may not result in a sale or a commission.

He was happy to help us in our search and because we are somewhat impatient people he accommodated our request to look at homes on short notice. He showed us several homes that fit our criteria, but none made an emotional impact.

Next we considered a new build with a custom home builder. Seth arranged a meeting with the builder in the neighborhood we were interested in and helped facilitate the meeting. He followed up with the builder and listing agent diligently afterward getting us all the information we needed.

Ultimately, we did not purchase a new home or even build one. We made the decision to stay where we were and upgrade our current home to make it more comfortable. Seth was very understanding when we made our decision. He is very professional and it is obvious that he cares more for his clients and their interests than his own.