A big THANK YOU to you and your team for the coffee table book “Denver Then & Now” and the gift card to PF Changs. I have already paged through this book to see the dramatic changes in Denver and see what history has been preserved. We enjoy PF Changs and plan to use your gift card real soon!

You and your team made the experience of selling our home unique and special (and a little less painful) in many ways with movie coupons, the valuable home staging experience, a yummy pie at Christmas, and now this special gift.

Seth, if I hear of someone or one of my friends talking about selling their home, I will surely give them your name and let you know. I recall you were the only realtor who called us when our previous contract expired – so much for cold calling!

Please pass this message on to other folks on your team! Thanks again for your professional advice and support along with your awesome surprises during this whole process!