Happy New Year from everyone on our team! We appreciate your business and support in 2017 and look forward to working with you again this year!

I updated my cell phone a while back, but I’ve realized there are still some of you out there that don’t have my new number. It’s 720-989-1210. I no longer user 303-564-5049, so please update your records so we can keep in touch.

With more transactions in almost every county across the state compared to 2016, 2017 was certainly a record year across Colorado. As we look forward into 2018 and consider the still booming market, it has never been more important to be prepared so you can make the most out of your home purchase or sale.

Today I have some advice for anyone who is thinking about selling their home in 2018. We’d love to meet with you for a no-obligation consultation to discuss how you can prepare your home for sale. One of the things we recommend to our sellers is to get a pre-listing inspection.

  • We recommend having your home inspected before you put it on the market so you can deal with the results. Better you than the buyer!
  • Review your inspection carefully with the inspector.
  • Repair or disclose all the issues that were brought to your attention.
  • Review your property disclosure and disclose all the issues you aren’t repairing. Obtain estimates for each issue.
  • We will respond to any questions and objections buyers have during the inspection process and make recommendations that will benefit you and save you money.

I strongly recommend getting a pre-listing inspection. The time between going under contract and the inspection is when deals are most likely to fall apart. When a sale doesn’t close, it weakens the seller’s position. It’s better for a homeowner to be prepared and know about any issue or needed repair before the buyer’s inspection is performed. It is much better to negotiate as much as possible up front — few surprises are best when going through this due diligence period when buyers have an easy out.

Our goal during the inspection process is to save our sellers money and make sure the transaction stays intact. We have saved many deals and thousands of dollars for our sellers. You can be confident that we will protect your equity during the inspection process.

Contact us today for help on your road to success in 2018.